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    Automatic mosquito monitoring station

    I. Product introduction

    The vectors mainly include Aedes albopictus and Culex quaindii, which can transmit dengue fever, chikungunya fever, Zika virus disease, filariasis, epidemic Encephalitis B and other important infectious diseases in Chinese cities.'media mosquito automatic monitoring station 'is based on biological characteristics and morphological characteristics of mosquito, apply the latest attractant and electronic identification, count and transmission technology, research and development of a new type of monitoring system, able to trap, counting and automatic transmission is sensitive to specific common mosquito, to indoor and outdoor environment -- mosquito population density of real-time monitoring, has important role for prevention of mosquito.

    II. Use of the product

    The population density of common vectors such as Aedes albopictus and Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus were monitored sensitively, specifically and in real time.

    III. Product features

    1. Easy to use: foldable and easy to carry, transport and store;Simple operation, no need to use any tools;Both indoor and outdoor can be used.

    2. Safe and reliable: no pesticides are used, no toxic chemicals are released, 12V power supply is used, and it can be used in the field for a long time.

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